It’s safe to say that Michael Jordan has earned a healthy profit from his merchandise sold. It all started when his first shoe launched in 1985 for $65. This was the most expensive basketball shoe at the time… and it took off. Was it the relentlessness of Jordan refusing to wear a different shoe every game even if he was fined for it? Was it because he was one of the best basketball players at the time and everyone wanted to be him? Or could it even be because it was an expensive shoe? Either way, Michael Jordan was a name used in every household. The fact that he was able to keep this brand of shoe going for over 30 years is amazing.

We have to thank his marketing and advertising team for this. Every couple of months, a new Jordan release is hyped up and anticipated by millions. I think profits could increase by bringing back replicas of his old shoes. The newer versions of the classics are always darker than the originals (like the Carolina Blues). Digital advertisers should make it easier to see by comparing the original picture next to the new release while adding special effects to make them look like they’re back and better than ever.

Click the link below to check out the Jordan brand on



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